Comporium Outage Today (2024)

1. Is there an outage in my area?

  • Is there an outage in my area?

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2. I am having trouble with my Comporium Fiber Optic Internet ...

  • First, click here to confirm if there is a service outage in your area. If you are part of an outage, doing any of the steps below will not be of benefit to you ...

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3. Comporium Customer Support - Common Help and Tools

  • Have a question? Rated with a customer service satisfaction of 99.6%, our knowledgeable team of experts is here to support and help you 24/7.

4. My Internet is not working. What can I try before contacting technical ...

5. Comporium | Digital Video, Internet, Phone, and Home Security Monitoring

  • Providing digital video, internet, phone and home security monitoring services to customers in South Carolina and North Carolina.

6. Fiber - York Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • Please call 877-239-1535 or visit Comporium's Support page today. Shop Now ... Outage: (866) 374-1234 or text: 352667 (prior registration required).

  • Have you heard the news? We’re teaming up to serve you! York Electric Cooperative is proud to partner with Comporium to bring affordable broadband to approximately 5,000 members in western York and parts of Cherokee Counties. We will be working together to finalize the plans for this project and will be communicating with our members […]

7. Check Comporium outage report! Latest status and problems

8. Phones lose connectivity after brief outage (SBC). | 3CX Forums

  • Mar 28, 2024 · Trunk Provider or VoIP Gateway Make/Model, Comporium (local) Trunk provider ... When I had to reboot it today I just did so via ssh (sudo reboot ...

  • Hi folks - This is in the category of "anyone seen this before?" My little company manages 3CX instances for a good number of nonprofits and churches. Since these organizations get server space donated to them for the most part, we choose to save them some money and host them on Azure or...

9. How do I set up outage notifications in My Comporium?

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10. York Electric Cooperative, Inc. - Your Touchstone Energy® Cooperative

  • Forgot Password? Outages. Outage Map · Outage Center · PowerTouch · Outage Texting ... Comporium's EVP smiles as he presents a Lookback Grant disbursem*nt ...

  • Your Touchstone Energy® Cooperative

11. Comporium Communications outage or down -

  • All Comporium Communications reports of the last 24 hours. No problems found! View map. Common problems are: Affected cities: ...

  • Current outages at Comporium Communications? Track all Comporium Communications errors or problems live. Find out if Comporium Communications is down!

12. Support | Hart Telephone Company

  • Support. HTC Business Office 350 W. Franklin St P.O. Box 388. Hartwell GA 30643 706.376.4701 1.800.276.3925. To Report a Trouble with an HTC Service:

  • HTC Business Office350 W. Franklin StP.O. Box 388Hartwell GA 30643706.376.47011.800.276.3925

Comporium Outage Today (2024)


How do you check if a network is down? ›

ISP outages and network congestion

If your internet is completely out and you've already tried restarting the router, check your provider's social media pages, official website or sources like for updates and outage reports. You can also call customer service, but be prepared for a long wait on hold.

How do I know if my network is down in my area? ›

Check your internet providers' social media accounts, as sometimes companies will use these platforms to post information about outages and planned works. Still nothing? Also check its website or app (you may have to log in to your account first, so keep your details handy).

How do I contact Comporium? ›

You can reach our support team by phone at 888-403-2667. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, by phone and chat. To speak with someone in our Midlands, SC office, you may call 803-894-3121.

Why is my Comporium internet so slow? ›

Reboot your connection - Through consistent use, your router's memory can become full, causing it to run slow until internet service seems to come to a halt. This is when a quick reboot of your internet equipment can help.

Why is the internet not working today? ›

Restarting your modem and router should be the first thing you do when encountering an internet signal issue. Don't skip this step! This is almost always what tech support will ask you to try first, as it often solves the problem. To restart your equipment, unplug the power cable for 60 seconds and plug it back in.

Why is my Wi-Fi connected but no internet? ›

This issue typically indicates that your device can connect to your local network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) but cannot reach the internet. Common causes of no internet connection include problems with the router or modem, incorrect DNS settings, IP address conflicts, or issues with your internet provider.

How do I check my local network status? ›

Select Settings > Network & internet. The status of your network connection will appear at the top. Windows 10 lets you quickly check your network connection status. And if you're having trouble with your connection, you can run the Network troubleshooter to try and fix it.

Why am I getting no network? ›

Check for Physical Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, your internet connection can fail due to simple issues like a loose or unplugged network cable, modem, or router. Or, if you're on a wireless network, your computer's wireless network interface card might be turned off.

What are the symptoms of a network outage? ›

Loss of Connectivity: The most obvious sign is the complete loss of internet connectivity. If you're unable to access any websites, online services, or applications that require an internet connection, it's likely an internet outage.

How to reset Comporium internet? ›

To reboot your internet connection:

First, unplug the power cord (thin black cord) for your modem. Then remove the phone cord from the back of the modem. Once this is done, wait approximately 30 seconds then plug the phone cord back into the modem.

Who is Comporium owned by? ›

E. L. and Mary Barnes bought the company in 1912; their great-grandchildren still run the company today.

What type of internet is Comporium? ›

Comporium offers three types of internet service to our subscribers. The three internet service types are Fiber, Cable Modem, and DSL.

Why is my internet so slow all of a sudden today? ›

The health of your computer can affect your Internet connection. Spyware and viruses can definitely cause problems, but your Internet connection speed can also be affected by add-on programs, the amount of memory the computer has, hard disk space and condition, and the programs that are running.

What is a good internet speed? ›

A good download speed is at least 100Mbps, and a good upload speed is at least 10 Mbps. With 100Mbps, you can stream movies, attend Zoom meetings, and play games online all on several devices at the same time. Some people can get away with fewer Mbps, and others need more.

Why my internet is so slow today? ›

A slow internet connection may be due to a variety of reasons. It could be your inefficient router, internet service provider (ISP) bandwidth throttling, outdated devices, or even malware. While speeding up your internet connection on your computer is not always easy, there are ways to optimize it.

How do I check for network connection problems? ›

15 Best Practices for Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues
  1. Identify the Scope of the Issue: ...
  2. Check Physical Connections: ...
  3. Restart Devices: ...
  4. Check Network Indicators: ...
  5. Test Other Devices: ...
  6. Ping and Traceroute: ...
  7. Check IP Configurations: ...
  8. Firewall and Security Software:
Apr 24, 2023

How do I troubleshoot network status? ›

Can't Connect to Internet? Here's 15 Ways to Troubleshoot
  1. Check for Physical Connectivity Issues. ...
  2. Restart the Router and Modem. ...
  3. Evaluate Software Problems. ...
  4. Check If You're Outside the Wireless Signal Range. ...
  5. Check Service Isn't Being Blocked. ...
  6. Open Windows Network Diagnostics and Check Your DNS settings. ...
  7. Check the Wi-Fi Adapter.
May 23, 2024

What to do if network is not working? ›

Restart your modem and router
  1. Unplug the power cable for the router from the power source.
  2. Unplug the power cable for the modem from the power source. ...
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds or so. ...
  4. Plug the modem back into the power source. ...
  5. Plug your router back into the power source. ...
  6. On your PC, try to connect again.


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