10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Uncommon Items, Ranked (2024)

Uncommon Items, otherwise known as Green Items, are a unique set of Passive Items that mostly require specific criteria to activate them. Many Uncommon Items are powerful but synergize with certain characters or regular Common Items to be used. While most Uncommon Items require some build or character set up in order to be properly utilized, this list will cover ten Uncommon Items you can use on any Survivor in Risk of Rain 2, with little or no setup.

The Best Uncommon Items in Risk of Rain 2

10. Ghor’s Tome

Ghor’s Tome is a heavily Overlooked Item but can definitely impact the early stages of your Risk of Rain 2 runs. This uncommon item in Risk of Rain 2 has a 4% chance of dropping a small treasure worth 25 gold. The chance increases an extra 4% per stack, but the gold scales over time.

The extra gold gained can allow you to snowball through chests or even Shrines of Chance to help maintain an efficient clearing time in the early stages. The only downside to this Item is that it’s not worth stacking or keeping around in the later stages when gold comes in much faster due to the increase of monster spawns.

Ghor’s Tome is never a bad Item to pick up, but you’ll probably want to scrap any extra stacks in favor of a better Uncommon Item.

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9. Rose Buckler

Rose Buckler is a Utility Item that activates in specific circ*mstances, coming in clutch during dangerous encounters. With this Uncommon Item, you gain an additional 30 armor while sprinting, and each stack of Rose Buckler adds another 30 armor. Rose Buckler is especially great on characters with abilities that can be used while running, such as Huntress or Mercenary. You can even use it in a great Risk of Rain 2 Loader build.

While Rose Buckler isn’t worth stacking, an extra 30 Armor while engaging or disengaging from a fight is still less damage taken, which is always a plus in our book.

8. Hopoo Feather

Hoppo Feather is an Uncommon Item in Risk of Rain 2 that many players will overlook. While it’s not the best Item to gain at the ending of a Teleporter Event, it adds extra mobility that some of the best Risk of Rain 2 characters lack. For every stack of Hopoo Feather, you can have an extra jump, allowing you to maintain air time and jump away from curtain enemies or attacks. You can even negate fall damage by jumping before hitting the ground, saving many Survivors from a ruined run.

Extra jumps allow you to traverse stages quickly to locate chests and even gain more Items without wandering around the stage for an excessive amount of time. Extra jumps and movement speed items also allow you to scale up into the sky box and jump all the way to Mithrix’s arena in the final stage without needing the Pillars to charge.

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7. Ukulele

Ukulele is one of the more reliable Uncommon Items in Risk of Rain 2. It has a 25% chance of firing chain lightning for 80% of total damage to three targets in 20m. Ukulele has one of the highest base proc chances across any Item rarity, along with its ability to have a chance to trigger another proc-coefficient Item off its own damage.

You can treat Ukulele not only as a damage Item that’s great for AOE, but also as a catalyst that can proc other Items and even itself. The more Ukuleles you stack, the more targets it hits, and thus the higher chance to proc chain other Items or restart its chain lightning. If you already have a plethora of on-kill Items, you can even opt to replace Ukulele with Polylutes for serious single-target damage.

6. Wax Quail

Wax Quail is another Uncommon Item like the previously mentioned Hoppo Feather, which gives additional movement utility. Whenever you jump while sprinting, you get a small boost forward by 10m. While it initially doesn’t sound like much, Wax Quail gives a lot of vertical and horizontal mobility to Survivors at any stage of the game.

Wax Quail also works with all base jumps, including the additional jumps that Mercenary or The Heretic has or every extra jump granted by Hopoo Feather. Stacking Wax Quails increases this extra movement by an extra 10m, launching you a further distance, and synergizes with movement speed Items.

You can also use Wax Quail as a burst of movement, dodging Wisp attacks, Golem lasers, and practically any projectile in the game. Wax Quail is one of the best Items for avoiding damage in the game, but you have to accustom yourself to the movement changes once obtaining them. Stacking this Item is never a bad thing, the burst of movement becomes farther and faster with each stack.

5. Old Guillotine

The old Guillotine is an exceptionally powerful item, which grows in value with the more stacks this Item accumulates, or the longer your run goes. Old Guillotine instantly kills any low-health Elite monster. Any monster with the Blazing, Overloading, Glacial, Perfected, Malachite, or Celestine effect can be executed.

Elite enemies have more health and are usually harder to kill, which allows Old Guillotine to save some extra time and work needed to bring these amped-up monsters down. One stack of Old Guillotine allows you to kill any elite monster below 13% health; each stack of this Item raises that threshold by another 13%. This uncommon item only gets better the longer you are in a Risk of Rain 2 run, as normal monster spawns become rare.

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4. Runald and Kjaro’s Bands

For our next entry, we couldn’t make an Uncommon Items list for Risk of Rain 2 without mentioning both Runald and Kjaro’s Bands. We have grouped these Items because they work the same, but their activation has different effects.

Both Runald and Kjaro’s Band deal AOE damage whenever the player lands a hit that does 400% damage or more, causing both Items to activate. Runald’s Band blasts enemies with ice, slowing them by 80% for three seconds and deals 250% total damage. Kajro’s Band also blasts enemies with a flame tornado, dealing a total of 300% damage over time.

Both Uncommon Items recharge every ten seconds, and both activate at the same time and on the same target. This is easier for some Survivors like Artificer, Void Feind, or Loader, but others Commando or Huntress builds suffer without Items to activate these bands. The only downside to these Items is that you must land a single hit with 400% damage.

Top 3 Uncommon Items in Risk of Rain 2

3. Leeching Seed

Leeching Seed can be underwhelming on its own or early on, but its power scales with how rapidly you deal damage. This great uncommon item in Risk of Rain 2 causes all of your damage to heal you for one health. On paper, this doesn’t seem like much, but if you have a high attack speed or multiple proc chaining Items like Ukulele, then the healing starts to ramp up.

Suppose you have no way of sustaining yourself in combat or lack the utility to evade damage. In that case, Leeching Seed can cover a lot of weaknesses, especially if you stack this uncommon item, because Leeching Seed heals for one extra health per stack.

If you have five Leeching Seeds, every single time you deal damage with your abilities and Items, you regain 5 HP, which adds up once you deal multiple sources of damage. This effect doesn’t activate off of status effects, but it’s still very powerful.

2. Shuriken – Runner Up to the Best Risk of Rain 2 Uncommon Item

One of the newest Items added into Risk of Rain 2 with the Survivors of the Void DLC is the Shuriken. Whenever you use your Primary Skill, you also throw a shuriken that deals 400% base damage. You hold up to three charges of Shuriken before entering a ten-second cooldown.

On top of adding free damage to your Primary skill, these Shurikens don’t have a limited range or damage falloff. As a bonus, since Suriken deals 400% base damage, this Item can activate Runald and Kjaro’s Bands by themselves, making them an excellent pickup for any Survivor.

Even the Survivors who struggle to utilize Shuriken like Huntress can still adjust their playstyles to fire the Shuriken at an enemy with high health or one that is out of range.

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1. Regenerating Scrap – The Best Uncommon Item in Risk of Rain 2

Regenerating Scrap is another Survivors of the Void DLC Item, which brings a lot of value to your runs if you can acquire a decent stack of them. It takes priority when using Uncommon 3D Printers, renewing at the start of each stage.

Regenerating Scrap is a long-term investment Item that can grant you a lot of other Uncommon Items if you find a printer. If you found a Ukulele Printer, you can use Regenerating Scrap to give you stacks of the Uncommon Item without randomly sacrificing other Green Items or finding a shredder.

Regenerating Scrap can also be Consumed at a Cauldron in the Bazzar Between Time. If you have at least five Regenerating Scraps, you can exchange your Scrap for a free Legendary Item in Risk of Rain 2 every time you visit the Bazaar. Also, since this Risk of Rain 2 uncommon item refreshes every time you visit a stage, when you exit or enter the Bazaar, all of your scraps are back and ready to be used.

We put this Uncommon Item at the top of our list because it generates other more important items throughout your run for free. The ability to gain a dozen Geen Items from an Uncommon Printer on a stage can be a massive power spike, or just a free Red Item every couple of stages is amazing.

Final Verdict – The Best Uncommon Items in Risk of Rain 2

That’s our picks for 10 Uncommon Items you can use on every Survivor in Risk of Rain 2. Plenty of items could have made it on the list, but we wanted to focus on items you could obtain and immediately use to your advantage. Other items such as Harvester’s Scythe, Predatory Instincts, or Ignition Tank require other items to bring out their synergy.

If you are new to Risk of Rain 2, we highly recommend checking out our other guide on the best Risk of Rain 2 Items from Each Rarity or our selections for the 5 worst blue items in Risk of Rain 2. After all, there is always more to learn in Risk of Rain 2!

10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Uncommon Items, Ranked (2024)


What is the best void item in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Popular Void Items include Lysate Cell, Weeping Fungus, and Tentabauble, which enhance specific abilities or provide healing and utility effects. The Safer Spaces Void Item is a powerful shield that blocks incoming damage, making the game easier, while the Encrusted Key reveals hidden caches with Void Potential Orbs.

What is the best boss item in Risk of Rain 2? ›

For a boss item, Shatterspleen is a devastating item that virtually every Survivor can use. This item gives your critical strikes a way to apply a massive AoE explosion by bleeding enemies, dealing an absurd amount of damage. This is easily one of the strongest boss items in Risk of Rain 2.

What is the top tier character Risk of Rain 2? ›

In summary, Loader, Captain and Railgunner take top spots right now as the best survivors in Risk of Rain 2. But many characters can shine brightly with enough practice and the right item synergies.

What do you keep in Risk of Rain 2? ›

No, this is a roguelite game. In a roguelite every run is a fresh start so unfortunately no, you do not get to keep your items. Unless you mean the items unlocked from challenges or alternate abilities/skins. I mean you keep characters and alternate loadouts.

What is the best artifact in Risk of Rain 2? ›

We've polished this article to further highlight Artifact descriptions in this ranking.
  • 8 Artifact Of Kin.
  • 7 Artifact Of Vengeance.
  • 6 Artifact Of Soul.
  • 5 Artifact Of Honor.
  • 4 Artifact Of Sacrifice.
  • 3 Artifact Of Glass.
  • 2 Artifact Of Swarms.
  • 1 Artifact Of Command.

What is the easiest character to get in Risk of Rain 2? ›

MUL-T is arguably the easiest character to unlock. All you need to do is clear the first stage five times. You'll naturally unlock MUL-T just by playing, and you also can speed up the process by farming the first stage.

Is there a secret character in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Kur-skan, the Heretic is a secret playable character in Risk of Rain 2. The Heretic cannot be selected from the character selection screen at the start of a run. Instead, she must be transformed into by holding all 4 Heresy items at once.

What is the hardest boss in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Mithrix - Risk of Rain 2 Wiki.

Who is the best damage character in ror2? ›

Loader. High damage, barrier, the ability to get in and out of fights quickly and relatively safely, the ability to get across maps fast, she scales off most items very well, etc. Huntress also has good mobility, but poor single target damage. MUL-T has good damage and survivability but his mobility isn't as good.

What is the secret place in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Many secret zones exist in Risk of Rain 2, including a Bazaar Between Time and A Moment, Fractured that ends the player's run. One zone is so rare that few players have even seen it. It is called the Gilded Coast. You must find the extremely rare Golden Shrine and donate an absurd amount of money to spawn a Gold Orb.

How to unlock Kjaro's band? ›

This item is unlocked by completing the Challenge Death Do Us Part, and it is always dropped by Kjaro in the Abandoned Aqueduct.

What items are good on Void Fiend ROR2? ›

Risk Of Rain 2: 8 Best Void Items
  • 8 Benthic Bloom.
  • 7 Lysate Cell.
  • 6 Needletick.
  • 5 Plasma Shrimp.
  • 4 Pluripotent Larva.
  • 3 Singularity Band.
  • 2 Voidsent Flame.
  • 1 Newly Hatched Zoea.
Nov 28, 2023

What void items are good for railgunners? ›

Other fantastic Void Item recommendations for Railgunner include Voidsent Flame, Polylute, Plasma Shrimp, Lost Seer's Lenses, and Needletick.

How to get Dio's best friend? ›

Dio's Best Friend is a returning Rare unlockable item in Risk of Rain 2. Completing the Lone Survivor Challenge unlocks this item. Dying while holding one revives the player on the spot with a 3 seconds of invulnerability.

What is the best mercenary item in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Best Items For Mercenary
Item NameItem Description
Hopoo FeatherGrants the user an additional jump.
UkuleleGrants the user a chance to fire a lightning chain that strikes up to three nearby enemies.
Leeching SeedHeals the user every time they deal damage.
Harvester's ScytheHeals the user when they perform a critical strike.
9 more rows


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